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Does lack of sex make you an angry person?

new balance women

New Balance Women's WX608V3 Cross-Training Shoe,White/Navy,9 D US

  • Dual density collar for cushioning and support
  • Seamless Phanton Liner
  • EVA Footbed
  • ABZORB cushioning midsole
  • Non-marking outsole
  • Medicare/HCPCS code = A5500 Diabetic shoe

• Style and substance combine in this durable oxford • Smooth leather or nubuck leather upper • Tie closure • Energy-returning ABZORB® cushioning in the heel and forefoot • Dual-density foam collar and tongue • Seamless PHANTOM LINER™ • Removable EVA footbed • Durable rubber outsole

List Price: $ 69.95

Price: $ 50.00

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Yes, lack of sex makes me an angry person.

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12 thoughts on “Does lack of sex make you an angry person?

  • Jorge Bramont says:

    Not having sex regularly makes me very stressed. If you aren’t getting enough from your husband, then try masturbation. It will help you get all your stress out.

  • Ryde On says:

    Why did you marry someone you were sexually incompatible with ?

  • Banana says:

    Definitely. Sex releases hormones into the body that make you pretty happy. Without sex, some people have anxiety, depression and angst. You sound like you are part of that group of people that actually NEEDS sex. Since your husband can’t provide, I would suggest self-pleasuring. It has the same effect.

  • bad dove says:

    A sexually incompatible marriage can make you an angry person, yes. How did this happen? Did you not have intimacy before the marriage and figure out there was a huge problem?

  • Rose says:

    Having marital problems can definitely cause stress…. thus leading to saddness or fear which can lead to anger. Anger is a secondary emotion.

  • The Prophet says:

    It frustrated me when I was younger especially when I was married and had someone that should give me sex. I’m older now and if I get another husband I am going to be very patient. I hope I find someone who is affectionate. Health is a big factor at my age. Healthy is sexy both in body and in mind.

  • Grandpa says:

    First, see a Doctor, together. See if there is a treatable condition that is causing your husbands problem.

    If that fails, see a marriage councilor.

    If not remedied, this condition will get worse until your marriage fails.

  • Hebrew Wife says:

    Yes! Absolutely. That is a very touchy and frustrating situation. It does me the same way, if i cant get it when i want or how much i want. It will affect you in the way you are stating. Talk to your husband about it and see what yall can work out.

  • Gray says:

    it’s natural because resource of every things is brain.Love,sex,anger,….
    when you can handle them,it’s possible they mixed with each other.

  • yelloweskimo says:

    Yes, it’s funny because I will be feeling stressed and angry for no reason, I will become very snappy towards him and then realise it’s because we haven’t had sex for a while. Like you, he has a much lower libido then me. It’s definitely frustrating. He trains really hard and I think that’s were all his testosterone goes :( Yes, you should self pleasure – it’s not on par with sex because the closeness of another person isn’t there, but it will make you less angry.

    Perhaps have your husband have his testosterone checked?

  • I'm a Beast says:

    yes it does – no sex can lead to a heavy accumulation of stress and frustrational build up

    if u don’t get a “happy” u continue to get frustrated

  • TianTian says:

    Real sex, and not masturbation makes you less cranky and irritable. Its not just the orgasm, but being able to penetrate another woman during the entire evening plus orgasm makes you feel complete for about 3 weeks. Its not just having food in your bowl, but hunting for it to. And the hunting isnt the courting aspect, but the having to work for your orgasm through thrusting and pounding when trying to ejaculate inside a woman.

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